Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jack Greg

Yesterday when finishing a telephone conversation with my friend Jack, I accidentally said "have a good day Greg." Now before you start cursing your computer screen or calling me a dummy, please note the following:

1.Being a master of quick correction, I laughed and said even louder then the first goodbye "HAVE A GOOD DAY JACK!"

2. right before this name mistake, I had just finished telling Jack a story that involved the likes of a person named Greg.

3. Dear Jack,
if you are reading this I know who you are, and I apologize for the name swap. I think Jack is a fine name.. don't ever let anyone tell you other wise... not even me, when I call you Greg.
Your Friend,

If you are still cursing your screen in name switch disgust, curse on while the story progresses to a baggo (the bean bag toss game also known by it's racy title "corn hole") game on 50th and Belmont circa 3:30 pm. So there I was recalling the name switch, Jack for Greg and all. It had occurred to me, and the people that I was with, Jack Greg was not such a bad name switch, and first name Jack last name Greg, was brilliant. In fact Jack Greg was a hero! In our best presidential candidate announcer meets action movie preview voice, Jack Greg progressed from a mistake to a deity (Imagine the deepest voice during the presidential elections "Sarah Palin, says she supports the wilderness, is shooting a wolf from a helicopter, supporting the wilderness? BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT"sort of like that). For effect, please read the following in your deepest announcer voice:

Jack Greg student body president.
Jack Greg MD.
Jack Greg motivational speaker.
Jack Greg Iron Chef.

... and the list goes on and on until eventually Jack Greg has a tv show, or is on cops, or wins the lottery or something. The list goes on and on till you can't do the deep announcer voice. The list goes on and on till you get to Zach Shack, and you're distracted by hot dogs and french fries.
Jack Greg for president 2012.

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