Saturday, February 27, 2010

Calling All Pen Pals

Dearest (past, present, and future) pen pals of the world,
What do you say we get March started with some written exchange, via the old quill and stork (by that I clearly mean hand written and in the mail)? Who is with me? Music exchange? eh eh?
Keep me posted. Literally keep me posted. You see it's funny because of the stamp.. Tough crowd!



  1. I had a pen pal in NZ. It was so fun to get mail from her!

  2. I'm ashamed that I haven't sent you something back already. Your last package was boss (yes. boss). Tomorrow, I'll start stealing stuff in the office and preparing you something.

  3. I had lots of penpals as a little kid, usually through chain letters...but the best was a real mail order penpal when I was about 10, from Zimbabwe. We are still in touch actually. I'll be your penpal Emily!