Friday, September 12, 2014

I Left My Harp at Sam Clam's Disco ....

When I was a kid I used to know a joke,  the type with a huge set up, and lots of memorizing. Unfortunately I invested my joke memory in two other jokes (ask me, I know two good old fashion jokes to my name) and all I remember is part of the punchline.  So here's what I remember,  and you can go ahead and figure out how to get yourself to this part of the joke: "I left my harp at Sam's Clam Disco (to the tune of "I left my Heart in San Francisco")." It's actually starting come back as I typed the punchline, it was something about a club called Sam Clam's disco, and someone (most likely a musician, and I'm even going to go as far as saying it was a harpist...) goes to the club. Some things happen, funny things, forgetful things, and voila  in your best Tony Bennet crooner voice "I left my harp at Sam Clam's Disco." Anyways we were just in San Francisco (see photos below for living proof), and I couldn't help but think about Sam Clam's Disco as we trudged up and down the beautiful hilly streets. 

Alex and I went to SF for a wedding that took place in Prisidio Park, just a walk, skip, and a trudge  past the Palace Of Fine Arts. Presidio park is a beautiful part of the city that over looks... whelp, it over looks the city, not to mention a lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I didn't take many photos at the wedding, so you will have to trust me that it was beautiful: romantic vows, beautiful couple, dancing, delicious food, spending time with delightful relatives...the works. We ended up staying in San Francisco for three days after the wedding below are some adventure blips. Oh, and I would like to note on our anniversary we went to a bar near our Air BnB we stayed at in the Mission district called  Makeout Room, and there was a fantastic soul night DJ spinning gem after gem (it was a memorable way to ring in our love + we were strangers in that city, so we felt at ease pulling out our extra kooky dance moves).  

San Francisco, I didn't leave my harp,  and my dear heart came riding back with me on the plane. It truly was a pleasure, and I look forward to the next chance I can walk up your hills, admire your views, and dance to your music.  
1. no explanation needed here, am I right?

2. We saw the sweetest sea lions under a pier. 

3. Us doing our best sea lion.

4. Day trip to mountains, admiring my mother's garden from the deck.

5. Travel companion #1 (fill in  your favorite thumbs up-y emoticons here).

6. The Mission District.

7. At the wedding, a lovely guest from Montreal, Canada gave me this necklace. I had complimented the woman on her necklace when I first met her. The combination of wine and generosity is a powerful thing, and it resulted in me receiving this gift. Her name is Maude, and she told me in a beautiful thick French accent "this necklace will pimp up any plain shirt you wear." Thank you Maude.  Don't worry folks, addresses were exchanged and a thank you package is in the works.