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I frickin' Love You, Yes You...

Note the back up dancers, and crowd? Dream job? Yes please!

My Milk Glass Brings all the Boys to the Yard...

Do me a favor, would you thrifties? Keep your specs peeled for milk glass! Thank you.

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Good Day Cider

Would you believe that today Alex and I are going to a real live cider pressing festival? The last time I ever attempted to press cider was when I was 5 years old in the backyard of my house. My siblings and I rigged up a pully system that was supposed to essentially smash the apples in a bowl (picture an anvil dropping in a cartoon). Well our anvil was not heavy enough to smash the apples, and the rope was too short to even touch the bowl. The day ended with a game switch to "We give you a drink that will cure your sickness, and you have to drink" (oh and by "we" I mean my sisters, and by "you have to drink this" I mean me, and I did have to drink whatever "this" was). "This" ended up being a bottle of apple vinegar (which looking back, was rather fitting for the situation). That is why my first attempt at cider turned into me sitting under the apple tree drinking a bottle of vinegar (thanks a lot). Don't worry, today I think the cider press is legit, and my siblings won't be there. Right? Right?

The Real question is which mugs to bring? The farmer asked attendants to bring their favorite mugs. Do we go with fun favorites? Or practical? What do you think?
Practical Favorites:
Fun Favorites:

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Alex arrives tomorrow, copious amount of joy to follow!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Frickin' Love You, Yes You...

Tenderoni - Chromeo
Young Bride - Midlake
An Owl with Knees - The Books
Why Can't I Have you - The Cars
Les Champs-Élysées - Joe Dassin

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Squirrels...

I literally marched...stomped up the ramp to my office this morning. Ok squirrels, I get it, there's a dead squirrel under the ramp. I'm sure it's hard to get over, but just remember your precious squirrel friend happen to die under the ramp. It's not a squirrel graveyard, you didn't burry them their (I mean, you didn't right?)! No more visits to the dearly departed, ok? It's hard enough having my coworker ask if anyone smells the dead squirrel, every damn day.You know it (and she certainly knows it) we all smell the dead squirrel. The smell is horrible, and your presence is worse. I mean come on, most small animals run at the sound of a foot step, a car door, a something. Why must you torment me... how you just stand while I stomp up the ramp, like a fool. Cut me some slack squirrels, please. Don't make me scream and shout SCRAM the second I get out of my car.. . I will, and you know it! New office rule: squirrels off the ramp by 7:00am, it's yours all night... don't you have a day job?

Emily P.F Dart-McLean

P.S There's a nice ramp down the street... You know that shitty diner Christine's? It's all yours!

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