Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pablo Casals For Your Listening Pleasure...

1954 video footage of Pablo Casals playing Bach in the Abbaye Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa.Sigh...


It's a fact that a person I work with said to me today. "nice pantaloons Emily."  By "Pantaloons" he was referring to the black tights adorn with blue flowers I was wearing under my skirt. I had to snap into it and say "It's not about how nice the pantaloons are, but about finding you a job." When really I was thinking "Pantaloons, britches, bloomers... where have these words gone my whole life?  Bring them back now!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Your New Favorite Fall Mix (part 3)

1. Ten Commandments - Prince Buster
2. Shoop - Salt N Peppa
3. Since the Day You Told Me Goodbye - Powder
4. A Little Bit Of Soap - The Jarmels
5. Forsaken Cowboy - Röyksopp
6. Foundations (Metronomy Remix) - Kate Nash
7. Naive Melody (David Byrne cover) - Arcade Fire (CBC Radio 3 Studio Session)
8. Once A Man Twice  A Child - Justin Hinds
9. The Old Revolution - Leonard Cohen 
10. Whirlwind -Architecture in Helsinki and Busta Rhymes
11. Drumheller - Caribou
12. Tomorrow Is A Long Place - Bob Dylan
13. If I Could Cry (It Would Feel Like This) - Jens Lekman
14. Turn Her Down - Cupons
15. Yeah Yeah - Clipse
16. La chanson de Prevert - Serge Gainsbourg
17. In the Morning - Junior Boys
18. Saturdays - Cut Copy
19. As the World Falls Down - David Bowie
20. Let Me Love - You Down INOJ
Leave a comment below and get a 
copy sent to your precious finger 

The Creative Lives

So my dear friend Lorraine, who is lovely, talented, witty, giddy, alarmingly charming, a delight in all respects... has an absolutely wonderful counterpart.... No big surprise. However, I'd like you to take a gander at G. Lewis Heslet's latest endeavor (and by "gander" I mean watch this video with anticipation over and over on your couch...and by "over and over" I mean again and again and again). G. Lewis is one of the brilliant brains behind the 16 episode season, The Creative Lives,  a documentary webseries focused on showcasing the lives and personalities of contemporary artists. Above is a video for The Creative Lives Kickstarter Campaign... So in the tune of A Tribe Called Quest, "Can I kick it?".... "YES YOU CAN!" 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guess What Came in the Mail Today...

It started out with a ring of the door bell. The door bell always seems to ring when you are wearing a large awkward t-shirt, and tights...An-y-ways. A quick signature, an awkward glance, and in my hands is a giant box straight from the heart of France (a thank you Theo). Inside, to my delightful surprise is a sewing-esque box reupholstered with  vintage fabric, and absolutely full of treasures. Some wedding sentiment here (photos of potential guests, and vintage wedding photos), some old 45s there (not to mention "Chic- Le Freak"), beautiful buttons, tiny boxes filled with goodies, jars of gems, a hand stitched pillow, a much needed checklist to ensure I was on track with the box's contents, postcards, books, and a mix cd to boot. In third grade I wrote a short poem called "When I Looked Into My Stocking I Found"it basically just listed a bunch of random, rhyming objects that were desirable to a child age 8 (I was definitely going through a Shel Silverstein phase/ was one of the only Jewish children in school... perhaps looking for a  way to connect around the holidays...who knows ). Digging through this package was reminiscent of my poem (now hold on, I'm not saying it's content were comparable to an 8 year old's present interests, merely that the endless amount of goods coming out of this box made me imagine how great they would sound in rhyme form... "a box filled with goods, buttons in a jar, lps from a far, and something about steak tar tar...." you get the idea). Thank you Theo for sending this delightful package, a true weekend  highlight.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Al Green... For Your Listening Pleasure

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it's comparable to this...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A-wreatha Franklin

One spool of old lace, a sewing machine, a dash of Missoni (for leaves), an old broach (the holly), and voila your new favorite wreath (or least favorite wreath...or just plain old impartial wreath). 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ok so the bedazzled is that giant ring (that probably has a matching pantsuit somewhere). But do note those bedazzled new bicycle fenders. Who needs matching pantsuits when you are flashing those glimmering things around town ? 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fanny Franklin

Hi Sarah. I just think  you are the b-e-s-t. It was lovely to see you tonight. <3epfdmh

Collard (bone) Greens... Or Blues

Hi Uwe, 
Emily here! I just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear the news about your recent clavicle injury. Whelp you know what they say, "breaking up is hard to do.... now you know you know that's true." A few things,  please bring the look of the sling back (maybe a MC Hammer print if at all possible), and remember it's a painful break...for anyone! If you find yourself crying aloud on a bus, in class, or mid movie... just remember I've been there, and it's COMPLETELY NORMAL! But seriously, I'd like to officially welcome  you to the cracked clavicle club... I just made that up, but can we? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Siamese If You Please

Did you happen to listen to Radiolab this weekend? There was a fascinating story about a woman who had merged with her twin's embryo inside the womb. This caused a siamese twin living inside one body. The woman's internal organs were half her own, and half her twins, with two different sets of DNA .... and two souls (ok ok, maybe not the soul part). Perplexing, a bit spooky, and stuck inside my brain. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brenton Wood...For Your Listening Pleasure

Oh Canada...A Harrowing Travel Tale

When my Mom asked me to drive to Kelowna, BC with her for Veteran's day weekend, I was elated. A weekend trip to visit my oldest sister, meet my brother in law, and niece. Initially my sister Dana had planed to join, but opted out due to sickness the night before. That was our first sign of a Liminity Snicket series of events.  The night before, I packed, gathered the gifts I intended to bring to the hosts (including but not limited to a red hooded sweatshirt for my sister's beagle, a photo mobile, and a Pez dispenser), I wrote Alex a tiny love note for each day I was gone, and slept like a big old baby. Check, check, check, check, check. It's five a.m on Veteran's Day (Happy Veteran's Day world), I'm wrapped in a blanket, bags in hand, headed to Canada.

My mom and I were in great spirits, beautiful sunrise to enjoy, no traffic, great weather, the works. By the time we got to the boarder, we get in like a cinch (even though my mom had practice every scenario the boarder patrol might ask "well you  see officer, we are merely visiting my daughter, and  are only bringing homemade pickles" she would say to me in the car). And we're in! Canada is stunning, picturesque mountain views, vast valleys... Canadian license plates. We were having such good time, we were certainly going to make it to our desitination early, 3pm... maybe 2pm? We were laughing and laughing at the difference in town names and street signs (the hard laughter that you can't control, lack of airflow, and potential to pee your pants). Tell me Chilliwack, and Fukawaga don't put a smile on that sweet face of yours!

We drive through a town called Hope headed straight to the Mountain Pass. This is the point where we start lose hope...all hope (ok ok, I know it's dramatic, but it's the least I can do to compensate for the title).  All of the sudden, we find ourselves bumper to bumper in a slushy, icy, snowstorm. Yes, a snowstorm, and you know Oregonians don't do snow, let alone snowstorms (that's like vegetarians eating Turducken). At this point, the beautiful sun reflecting on the fall leaves was gone, and everything was white, grey, and miserable. It was weird, but on this pass things got particularly bad.  Cars were sliding off the road, there was a jackknifed semi truck, people were driving slowly past on the highway going the opposite way saying things like "turn back now" "it's not too late" (yes, just like the beginning of a haunted house). It had been 7 hours since we ate, and we were convinced if we didn't eat the Pez I brought for my niece, we would starve right there on that pass (sorry Ecko). By the time a third minivan conveying harrowing news of an impassible pass, passed, we decided to hop the fence at any chance we could, and head back down the mountain.  Our chance came, when there was a small break in the median, and my mom flipped a u-turn (as she said) on the freeway "I just flipped a Uturn on the freeway" (don't worry, we were going under 10 miles per hour).

We ended up staying the night in a 100 year old hotel in Chilliwack (real name of the town). The above photos paint our one night stay... We will try again in the summer.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Workin' For The Weekend...

The weekend came a day soon, and not a day too late! I'm off to the unknown for the weekend. Kelowna, Canada here I come. Portland, OR see you Sunday. <3EPFDMH

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Traveling Wilbury

The phone rings on my way home from work. I miss the call, but I'm greeted with a message that goes a little bit like this "hey emily, are you coming home? I was wondering if you could help me with a little bike craft project. I'm trying to attach a cooler to my bike, and need your help with the sewing machine..." When I get home, the kitchen, comparable to a woodshop, tools flung about, and Alex knelt down drill in one hand, electric tape in the other... had got to work with out me. It is a fact, that tonight Alex made a traveling barbecue machine out of one bicycle, one towel, a cooler (for the food), a file organizer (for the beer....of course), electric tape, two pieces of wood, and of course a barbecue. I ask Alex what he's going to do tomorrow when all of these items are nailed, drilled, and taped to his bike. He casually put the bungee cord final touches on, and places the barbecue on his front rack bellow his handle bars, smiles and says "I guess I'll have to ride it to work." Thank you.   

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Regal Reva

Hi Shola, Remember when you asked me to paint a picture of Reva looking like royalty? Whelp, here she is, Regal Reva round one. Just slap this baby into a gold frame, hang it above your fireplace, and prepare yourself to live in a world where Reva rules EV-ER-Y-THING (yes everything, which equals more then just your friends when they come over...and your landlord). Love, Emily