Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To The Tune Of Your Favorite Love Song

Seven years ago we started a conversation. It was good, really good, one of the best conversation I've ever had .  Depending on who you ask  you might get a slightly different version. No difference in truth, just little things, like duration of time. A snippet,  Me"....then Alex asked me to ride on the handle bars of his bicycle to the next party. I politely declined and offered my telephone number instead. We said our goodbyes... an hour later, (an hour later) Alex shows up at the party, he seemed to have not saved my number, and happen to bike across town to come and get it again." Alex snippet"...I asked Emily to ride on the handle bars of my bike, she declined, so I asked for her number instead. I left with my friends, and realized (5 minutes after I left) I had not saved her number. I went back into the party, to re-save her number." See the difference? Hardly! Ok so I'll spare you all the gushy details about a love story written in the stars. I will say that seven years ago started our days of writing letters, telling secrets, sharing aspirations, sharing burritos...just sharing in general, making mixed tapes for each other, sneaking into swimming pools, swimming across rivers,  flying across oceans, every love song reminds of you sort of thing. Anyways, seven years ago we started a conversation, and I've felt in love, and lucky ever since. Here's to a life time of continuing the conversation. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sapphires...For Your Listening Pleasure

Swoon, and swoon again. I'm awaiting my copy 
of The Sapphires via the old Pony express.  

Bedazzled (Guest Bedazzler)

Thank you Uwe!
Thank you Shola for the snazzy snaps.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Delicate Doilies

Embroidered dress = sold! 
Don't worry, there are more goodies where that came from. 

Bedazzled (Guest Bedazzler)

Thank you Emily B.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Guess What Came In the Mail Today?

Puff Daddy & The Family on vinyl. Thank you.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Phil Phillips...For Your Listening Pleasure


Nothing says bedazzled like this Natalia Brilli gold leather watch bracelet (thank you dear Dana for keeping my wrist a glow).

Weaver House Spring Lookbook

Hannah & Kelty have done it again...and again and again! Gaze at their Spring look book here, and don't be afraid to get sucked into ogling their site either (I'm talking about time well spent people).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Your New Favorite Sleep Mix... Harper Joyce Addition

1. Pinball Number Count - The Postmarks
2. Three Little Bird - Elizabeth Mitchell
3. Gentle Threat - Gonzales
4. I'll Look Around - Nina Simone
5. Tomorrow Is A Long Place  - Bob Dylan
6. Wild Mountain Thyme - White Antelope
7. Pure Imagination - Jolie Holland
8. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want - She & Him
9. Leaving For Paris - Rufus Wainwright
10. Honeybee - Au
11. Rue St. Vincent - Yves Montand
12. gymnopedie - Erik Satie
13. Claire De Lune -  Claude Debussy
14. Claude Debussy
15. Sonata in F major k.332 II. Adagio - Jenö Jandó
16. La Valse d'Amélie (Version Piano) -  Yann Tiersen
17. J'ai qu'a l'regarder - Edith Piaf with the Guy Luypaerts Orchestra
18. Mack the Knife - VIKESH KAPOOR
19. Nightwatch - Laura Gibson
20. Prelude No. 9 - John Lewis
This mix was compiled with baby Harper Joyce in mind (keep your specs peeled Alaska). Everyone needs a good sleep mix, and trust me, this is a beaut! Just leave a note bellow, the best way to reach you via the old pony express, and you'll be dozing to 'Dylan in no time at all... 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rebranded Excitement

Photo 1& 2 via the Rebranded Fixtures website. 
Photo 3&4 via Gina (thank you).
Side note, that dashing man holding the adorable dog is Bryan
 (half of Rebranded Fixtures, and his dog Hans)
Well, well, well, what delightful surprise do we have in the backyard today? It's not a large spider, vagabond cat, dead possum, or even our next-door  neighbor getting pushy about times we are not allowed to do laundry! It's, it's, our brand new (old parts), Rebranded Fixture...which I have independently dubbed "rebranded excitement" (see the title). An-y-ways. Some friends of ours, Ross & Bryan, have put their creativity, knack for woodworking,  good taste, a keen sense of function (the list goes on and on...the 3R's... (yes from the 90's), gardening...etc) to work. They are the masterminds behind Rebranded Fixtures and quite frankly, I hope they "don't stop till they get enough" (by that I mean, I hope every-one of you..yes you, get's your one of a kind beautiful wine bottle enhanced, multi seasoned, comes in all sizes, custom if you'd like, beauty of a garden box). The boxes are affordable, functional, and make gardening accessible (not to mention mobile) if you live in an apartment like ours (or wherever). Go on now, get your Rebranded Fix(extremely intentional pause)ture  here .

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MaMere's B&B

Last weekend Alex and I had the pleasure of staying at the loveliest of lovely bed and breakfast, MaMere's.  I had stumbled upon a steal of a deal that included two nights at the abode, a bottle of a wine, breakfast both mornings, and a delightful box of chocolates to boot (for the living social price of just a pinch over $100.00). I couldn't believe my eyes (...and rarely turn down breakfast, chocolate, and wine), it was settled, our bags were packed and we were headed to the heart of Monmouth, OR for a weekend at MaMere's. 

The scoop, the house is stunning, a New Orleans/ French themed beauty with vibrant colors, claw foot bath tubs, and built in nooks and crannies like you've never seen! The Breakfast was delicious, I'm talking creme brûlée french toast, mimosas, eggs, bacon, and grits (yes, grits). The hostess, oh the hostess was the sweetest thing since sliced bread (the sweet type), a kind woman who is like the long lost relative you've always  wanted to spend the summer with (just a tad misty eyed upon our hugs goodbye... no biggie).

Spotted above are bits and pieces of time well spent...aka Wings Of Wonder (a butterfly sanctuary (which is sadly closing down shop in two weeks....get it while it's hot people), photos from inside/ outside the house, the Independence Ferry  and  the End of The Road  thrift shop (located in Falls City, OR). Not pictured, rolling farm land, plenty of wineries (waved tasting fees for purchased wine bottles), Fall City falls, and plenty of other details worth an earful. Pack your bags, and head straight to the doors of MaMere's (you won't regret it). 

Dream Cat

p.s thank you Megan for tipping me off to this beauty!