Thursday, July 28, 2011

Huckle Chuck

Guess who became a proud owner of a 1950's Huckleberry Hound bean bag toss game? That's right, me, me I tell you, me! Feast your eyes on the latest addition to our wedding arcade, Huckle Chuck. Now before you say anything crazy like "what the huckle were you thinking," do note, it was sold to me for $8.00, down from $10.00 (mind you). The best part (besides the name Huckle Chuck, and the head that sways side to side to challenge it's thrower) the man who sold it to me, sort of looked and certainly sounded like Huckleberry Hound himself. Now hold your horses, I'm not saying a large puppy cowboy sold me this game, however the man did sport a large tan hat with a red stripe, and a vest. His voice, had a whistle that wouldn't quit.

It's a Yard Sale....and a Haiku

vintage clothes galore
trinkets, knick knacks, and much more
see you this sunday

Thank you Shola for the flyer. The details are: this Sunday (7/31/11)
5134 se Hawthorne blvd.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011


If the title "in-salted" didn't give it way, have another peek...yes, those are all precious salt and pepper shakers (even the hilarious geese). Stare straight into the face of our wedding seating chart markers. A catchy sign with something along the lines of "put a little pep in your step (get it "pep," "pepper"...ok ok) " will lead people on the search for their salt, and their seat (perhaps their dignity). Oh and don't worry cat lovers, you'll get yours. Please keep your salt and pepper specs peeled, and I don't know, shake what your mama gave you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Look into the face of your new favorite quilted button down robe. That's right, your new favorite robe. You see, in merely two weeks this baby will be waiting for your purchase on a rack, in my driveway yard sale. You laugh now, like "oh hell no" but when that psychedelic robe is flip flapping in the breeze as you pedal down the street, you (not to mention the passer-byers) will be saying "oh hell yes" (or whatever appropriate words of celebration you choose). Keep your specs peeled for a Mighty Market yard sale flier (here, here, here, or here).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pizza, Beer, Girl Talk

These are My Shoes, Those are Your Shoes, You've Got Issues

New fall boots, to boot. Our Sunday's finest, just got finer
(and I'm not talking about a parking ticket).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Calling All Witty Wedding Voice Bubble Quips

Calling all witty voice bubble creators. I'm making a welcome sign for our upcoming nuptials (see above). I would like to have cheesy conversation between Alex and me in voice bubbles, but am lacking words. I'm thinking something along the cheese lines of:
Alex "Hey emily, is your Daddy a hunter?"
Emily "No Alex, why?"
Alex "Then why are you so foxy?"
Emily "Alex, is your Daddy an astronaut?"
Alex "No Emily, why?"
Emily "Because you are out of this world?"
Do you have any suggestions? Any cheesy wedding quips? Go forth, and send them my way. Thank you.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Take a Picture it Will Last Longer... remember that expression? You'd say it when someone was staring at you (for better or for worse). For some, it was the same era when you would shout STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES, BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME. Well people, please take this opportunity to throw (if you didn't already like twenty years ago) these outdated retorts out (for those of you concerned about the Earth, you may take this opportunity to recycle them). Done? Ok, so the other night, Alex and I were trying to leave a restaurant, but the man was in awe of the juxtaposition of the clouds, birds, and whatever else was in the sky. So I say (in a sassy tone like "can we leave already") Take a picture it will last longer. And Alex does, he takes out his Iphone, and snaps about twenty shots of that baby (by "baby" I mean the sky). Every single angle, it took forever, I learned my lesson about outdated sass. Now I know the person who made up the expression "take a photo it will last longer" was probably, six years old, and most likely not a psychic... but come on. Remember when Bob Dylan said the times they are a-changin'? He had know idea, no idea at all. Will someone please key me in on appropriate child slang these days? Are kids shouting Take a Twitter it will last longer or STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES AND SO WILL FACEBOOK?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hall & Oats-Your New favorite Birthday Party Theme...

You're either a Hall, or an Oat, or can't come to the party. Simple as 1-2-3 (1. cut off t-shirt & blazer 2. coffee ground mustache 3. serious gel).

Monday, July 11, 2011


Thank you bins. But seriously, look into the face of your new favorite cat wear...yes you (by "you" I mean "you" and "you")!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Sweet Sunday

a. b.
a. dream kittens (Terry & Juan)
b. brand new (old) bunnies in love pillow
c. baby shower gift


Saturdazzling is the latest word in my vocabulary . Where it has been my whole life, is beyond the point, the word content, the root, is the real deal. Saturday, Alex and I ventured out towards the Sandy river. I knew it was going to be a good afternoon when a man, shirtless, with exact same hair as a Barbie I once gave a cropped haircut to (it's fucked up, but I cut her hair so she could be the maid...I know, I know...). Oh and my version of cropped maid hair was predominantly chin length, with straggler strands mid chest, back, and forehead (aka hideous).
Ok so this guy stumbles up, and asks for a cigarette. His voice: breathy, mumbly, with a tinge of squeak "c-han-I, g-het-a cig-ar-ette" (and squeaked on the "ar-ette" part). He was a total character, a foreshadow to the people we would meet. River People.

We get down to the river to see a man wearing jean shorts, lathering the hell out of his shampooed head (yes in the river). So this guy, his name turns out to be Jeff, is the man who coined the term Saturdazzling. Apparently Saturdazzling is when him and his brother (who showed up later at the river ) go down to the Sandy river, swim, and wash their hair. After observing these two Saturdazzlers in action we learned a lot about their characters.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


An eclectic detail for an upcoming mass invite. Which piece of adhesive flair are you?