Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh Bee-have

Close your eyes. You are in Wamic, Oregon .  Wamic is a small town "just yonder, over that there mountain." (By "that there mountain," I mean, Mount Hood).  This is a place where the general store (the only store in town) generally sells the essential,  garden supplies, liquor, kraft food,outdated Easter candy,  wonder-bread-esque products, and giant gummy snakes called "big sissy hissy fit."  Picture the woman who approaches you at the store: Of course she is wearing overalls and a straw hat with no  tooth in sight. The person you are standing with has a 3 month old baby in a stroller. When old gummy overalls approaches, she walks up saying "wha's dat in that stroller? Whachya got in there?" (don't get me wrong, she seems to be living the dream, she is very happy to see you). After she figures out that "wha's" in the stroller, is a baby, she hops in her gigantic black (and dust colored) 1990 Chevy Blazer . She swerves out of sight. Welcome to Wamic, Oregon

How to make a Wamic, Oregon Yellow Jacket Trap:
You will need a carton, a piece of string, dish soap, water, and last but not least, bacon.
1. Cut the top off a half gallon carton.
2. Fill the carton with soapy water (dish soap).
3. Cut two holes in the top of the carton on either side. Tie the string across.
4. Drape Two pieces of bacon  over the string.

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  1. Ill let you all know that this trap only targets yellow jackets. Not our precious pollinators.