Monday, August 17, 2009

I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl

And in the dream I was running next to you. We were both running for our lives because yes, there was a giant  bear chasing us. The  bear was an amalgamation of a poorly animated bear from the 1994 PlayStation  game, Tekken meets a taxidermy Kodiak Bear I saw in just about every bank in Kodiak, Alaska (by that I mean two). In fact if those two bears decided to have a cub, I think I know exactly what it would look like! Anyways, so this bear is chasing us through a field, in fact a few fields... make that the pastures at your parents new house. 

We get to a point where we are sort of trapped, because there is a fence on one side of us, and a barn on the other. Right when we are about to plan our escape... do something clever like hop over the fence, or go into the barn, up pops the hybrid bear (it's inevitable that shit like this happens in dreams, not getting away or whatever.. but don't get anxious yet, the bear doesn't eat us, it turns out he doesn't even want to eat us).  

The  bear is twice your size by the way, easily 13 or 14 ft. tall, so when we are about to pull our maneuver, the escape, the bear stands on his hind legs (upright he is taller then the barn). He looks like he is about to scoop us up and eat us for dinner. We were probably holding hands...peeing our pants... shaking in our boots and what not. 
The Bear let's out (what I,  the dreamer expect to be a terrifying growl) 

We take one look at the bear and stand up tall, pee pants, sweaty palms (still locked together), shaking boots and all. We stand up tall and shout "WE DON'T HAVE ANY SUGAR, OR HONEY. GO CHECK IN THE HOUSE." With that the grizzly bear hops down to all four legs, and runs towards the house. I think we follow through on the brilliant plan of going in the barn, or maybe we hop the fence.