Monday, August 31, 2009

Line up

In Fourth grade Chas Wilson (his real name was "Charles," Chas for short), pulled an inevitable move on our recess line. You see, that was the year I had Mrs. Hibler. She was a real jerk. It is a fact that she pulled my sweatshirt string out of my mouth while I was chewing on the tip (it was a bad habit I had). So anyways, Hibler (doesn't the name just ring bad news), so Hibler would always have us line up for recess in a straight alphabetical line by the door. She wouldn't let us leave if say, Smith got mixed up with Thompson... or whatever. One day, Chas Wilson, the devious genius that he was (by that I mean, class clown, looked like a cherub with a bowl cut, wore jean shorts with stripes, rode a BMX to school, you get the idea..) Chas W gets this idea to shove Jennifer Webb down the recess line. I know what your thinking, "the nerve", "what an asshole", "not Jennifer Webb." Yes Jennifer Webb, and here is why: Webb knocked over Sykes, crashing into Smith....(fill in R-H), down went Ganyard, and when the dominos of alphabetical children finally made its way to Dart-McLean, I had just enough time to hop out of line, knocking over Jennifer Crabtree! Thank you Chas Wilson for being a Wilson and not a Frank. I hope Mrs. Hibler has started a new recess line policy, like a recess blob order by favorite food or something.... all the fries formulate here...

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