Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leader of the pack

Mad Dog is a game that my siblings and I used to play when we were children. The game consisted of a designated "mad dog" who had to pretend to be asleep in front of the house. By the way, "mad dog" would always be my older sister Dana, or my older brother Jonah (My oldest sister, Megan chose who "Mad Dog" was).   Once "Mad Dog" was "asleep" me, Megan, and whichever other sibling Megan let off the Mad Dog hook, would sneak past the crouched up child (who was slumped on our walkway). On our way past, Megan would whack Mad Dog on the back with her invisible umbrella (by  "invisible umbrella" I mean her fist), causing the once sleeping dog, to go crazy and become awake Mad Dog.  At this point Mad Dog would chase us down the street as fast as we could run. In any other tag game, the point is to catch whomever you are chasing. The difference between Mad Dog and tag was;  it's impossible  for Mad Dog to catch anyone when Megan had her "invisible umbrella" (her fists) that would automatically stun you, causing her and her team (me, and alternating middle child) to win. Megan had a brilliant way of ruling our childhood. 

I remember the 90 degree day when sweet old Megan offered to treat me to an ice cream cone. I was six years old, and no observer to ploy. Instantly after purchasing two vanilla soft serves, Megan told me that she was going to smash one of the cones on my head (I knew I had no choice). She had grabbed a plastic baby bib (to prevent stickiness) stuck it on my hair, and splat. After we threw the ice cream soiled bib in the trash, (which did a smashingly good job of protecting my head... pun completely intended) she purchased another vanilla soft serve... this time to eat. 

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