Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Will you look at these dear sweet animals? Just take a peak, and tell me if your heart doesn't melt like butter!  Five kittens and two bunnies! What better way to be if you are four kittens, then asleep in a pile? And tell me, if you were a bunny in a bin of hay, why wouldn't you hang with a fellow small animal? Long ears, short ears, who the hell cares? My day ended at a feed store with a box and a bin of free these (see above for "these"). Unfortunately, my will to be a good tenant, and abide by the NO ANIMAL policy kept me from taking all of these freebies to my abode. Picture us, driving down the freeway or should I say FREEway (ok ok)? But seriously, there is always tomorrow (aka, you're all mine).  

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