Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guess What Came in the Mail Today...

It started out with a ring of the door bell. The door bell always seems to ring when you are wearing a large awkward t-shirt, and tights...An-y-ways. A quick signature, an awkward glance, and in my hands is a giant box straight from the heart of France (a thank you Theo). Inside, to my delightful surprise is a sewing-esque box reupholstered with  vintage fabric, and absolutely full of treasures. Some wedding sentiment here (photos of potential guests, and vintage wedding photos), some old 45s there (not to mention "Chic- Le Freak"), beautiful buttons, tiny boxes filled with goodies, jars of gems, a hand stitched pillow, a much needed checklist to ensure I was on track with the box's contents, postcards, books, and a mix cd to boot. In third grade I wrote a short poem called "When I Looked Into My Stocking I Found"it basically just listed a bunch of random, rhyming objects that were desirable to a child age 8 (I was definitely going through a Shel Silverstein phase/ was one of the only Jewish children in school... perhaps looking for a  way to connect around the holidays...who knows ). Digging through this package was reminiscent of my poem (now hold on, I'm not saying it's content were comparable to an 8 year old's present interests, merely that the endless amount of goods coming out of this box made me imagine how great they would sound in rhyme form... "a box filled with goods, buttons in a jar, lps from a far, and something about steak tar tar...." you get the idea). Thank you Theo for sending this delightful package, a true weekend  highlight.

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