Monday, July 15, 2013

A House to Write Home About

Have I mentioned that I'm a firm believer of Jinxing?  Now I'm not talking about Ouija boards or anything too kooky, though there a few things I feel can sway one's luck (example if a black cat crosses my path, deep down, I'm hoping that baby has a white belly). As I've revealed, Alex and I have been searching high and low for the perfect Portland home. Recently, we put an offer on a true Portland beauty, and are currently in the final stages of sealing the deal. As a newbie to the world of signing your money away and your life with it, I realize "the final stages of sealing the deal" can be quite the timely process (we are just over a month). Since I'm a firm believer in jinx, I'm going to hold off on house photos till it is happily in our arms (yes, till the house is happily in our arms). In the mean time, the pictures above add a glimpse (to almost nothing)of what the house is like, and could be like. The drawing in the top,  the house (clearly), built in 1907, 3 bedrooms 1.5 baths, blue with white trim, original fixtures, wood floors, lovely neighbors,  beautiful.  The next three drawings are things I feel would look absolutely fabulous in the house (not to be confused with the British sitcom my mother likes, ABFAB). I'm on the look out for the perfect vintage dresser, a blue hobnail glass pitcher, and a rag doll cat to name Little Biggie. Un-jinxed, stay tuned for more details and real photos of the house. 

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