Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home is Wherever I'm With You




Oh hello! Remember a week or two ago when I was all "I'm a firm believer in jinx, so I will only draw pictures of the house we are trying to buy?" Call me coocoo, but hey, it worked (or it had nothing to do with it)... regardless, we got the house, the dream house. I swear this classic 1907 year old Portland home is the very best of every house- apartment I've ever lived in, in my entirety (I'm talking builtins, wood floors, character and charm through the blimenty roof people).An-y-ways,  we have been non stop over the moon, and can't wait to eat cake and drink tea on the deck with you, (among other things "you do" in a house). Since we were ever so thrilled to get things started at the new abode, we have been slowly moving in bit by bit, and internet has been lacking in that process...and let's just say it's been a week without the chicken wire (yeah, I said "chicken wire..." Alex called the internet that once, and it stuck, because obviously it's pretty silly).So now that we are connected to the world wide web, I can post a thing or two about the house.Photos/drawings 1-6 are just a glimpse of us lately. 
1.Me and Alex the day we got the keys, happiest clams in town (does that make sense?)
2. The beautiful builtin in our entry way, featuring Alex's latest Oregon poster, and a taxidermy wolf head from when his Dad was in college.
3.Our bedroom, a work in progress, though it feels like we are staying in a comfortable, clean, B&B every night (none of our art or photos are up, and (gulp) my shoes still reside 1.5 miles away).
4. The beautiful builtins in our kitchen. 
5. Our next door neighbors are a dream come true, proof... the beautiful bouquet of Dalliahs they left on our porch with a welcome note. I couldn't resist a note and a jar of jam back (what, that's how I was raised).
6.This drawing is all my favorite things in a two block walk radius. Foster Burger, Speedboat Coffee, Xuyen Bakery,Ivon's Barber shop, The Carts on Foster, The Cake Decorette shop, and of course a portrait of our lovely next door neighbors. 

Ok more to come soon... Hope you are grand.  


  1. Congrats!!! One of the best feelings ever!!!

    Now go get a cat ;o)