Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Latest & Greatest








1.Vintage  1950's State trays from parent's/ in laws state of origin (future home decoration aspirations).
2. Alex and his older brother Shaun at a recent family dinner. Photo credit my mother in law Dolores (easy on the eyes fellows). 
3. The beloved Saw Tooth, my families cat. Caught this firecracker in a moment of calm, the feline allowed a pet,  and even a purr (which didn't result in the usual clawed  arm slap).
4. A Delicate Doilies sale, packaged and sent to Canada.
5. A run in with one of my favorite pals ( Shola Doily Lawson, note her boots, so fly!). 
6. Some scrumptious Egg Carton cart food in the soon to be new hood! The famous FoPo Cristo, and man was it tasty.
7. A  night out with my doppelg√§nger, Emily (yes, we are both Emilys, cue the twilight zone music). 

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