Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cat Case Study

Example 1. 
Example 2.
For my birthday this year Alex gave me a coupon for a tattoo  
(take this opportunity to pencil my birthday, May 15th in your calendar for next year... kidding kidding).  Tell me what you think about the birthday cats above (example 1 & 2)? I'm thinking a birthday cat (no color) the size of a nickel,  on the upper inside of my arm (preferably in a concealable as needed region). The cats would definitely use a bit of sprucing (added or sans whiskers, a little less/more scruff around the edges...etc.)  so you will have to make your decisions based on the drawings above. Tell me people 1 or 2 or none? Thank you kindly. 


  1. I love kitty 1!
    What a nice gift!

  2. Kitty 1 has such a dapper bow, and Kitty 2 has the jaunty hat, maybe you you combine them? It will = an awesome tattoo any way you go about it <3

  3. in all honesty i have to say kitty 2 please. it just appears more appealing and even to one's eye. i LOVE this too btw. will you add in a heart-shaped nose just in reva's honor?

  4. Thank you one and all! This feedback has been eye opening and nsightful! I'm hearing a lot of different things, bows are good, people like sweet cat faces, a heart nose is appealing, and possibly a combination of the two cats. I will go back to the drawing board and report back with any new revelations. Thank you for your help.