Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday Night Frights

Remember last week how I was like "what Halloween costume do you think I should dress as Mickey Mouse or a Slice of Pizza?" Do you remember that? Well I have some sad news... neither costume happened this weekend (now before you say something harsh like "how dare you" or "I can't believe this outrageous news" please note, that somewhere in the world this weekend someone was probably dressed like Mickey and Pizza). After a long series of thrift store searching for parts of either costume (with no luck mind you), I decided I must  determine a costume based on clothing I already own. Here's what happened, I recalled  I  own a lovely 80's pantsuit that doesn't get the wear it deserves (still with me?), from there I tried to think of pantsuit doting people, and the best ones at that. The winner (as seen above) was Sally Jesse Raphael circa 1990 .  My arm candy was a giant nacho (talk about a real night on the town people).