Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rebranded Excitement

Photo 1& 2 via the Rebranded Fixtures website. 
Photo 3&4 via Gina (thank you).
Side note, that dashing man holding the adorable dog is Bryan
 (half of Rebranded Fixtures, and his dog Hans)
Well, well, well, what delightful surprise do we have in the backyard today? It's not a large spider, vagabond cat, dead possum, or even our next-door  neighbor getting pushy about times we are not allowed to do laundry! It's, it's, our brand new (old parts), Rebranded Fixture...which I have independently dubbed "rebranded excitement" (see the title). An-y-ways. Some friends of ours, Ross & Bryan, have put their creativity, knack for woodworking,  good taste, a keen sense of function (the list goes on and on...the 3R's... (yes from the 90's), gardening...etc) to work. They are the masterminds behind Rebranded Fixtures and quite frankly, I hope they "don't stop till they get enough" (by that I mean, I hope every-one of you..yes you, get's your one of a kind beautiful wine bottle enhanced, multi seasoned, comes in all sizes, custom if you'd like, beauty of a garden box). The boxes are affordable, functional, and make gardening accessible (not to mention mobile) if you live in an apartment like ours (or wherever). Go on now, get your Rebranded Fix(extremely intentional pause)ture  here .

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  1. I was sad when I read "no vagabond cat" but then I saw the rebranded fixture and LO! I am in love as well. Great job!