Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MaMere's B&B

Last weekend Alex and I had the pleasure of staying at the loveliest of lovely bed and breakfast, MaMere's.  I had stumbled upon a steal of a deal that included two nights at the abode, a bottle of a wine, breakfast both mornings, and a delightful box of chocolates to boot (for the living social price of just a pinch over $100.00). I couldn't believe my eyes (...and rarely turn down breakfast, chocolate, and wine), it was settled, our bags were packed and we were headed to the heart of Monmouth, OR for a weekend at MaMere's. 

The scoop, the house is stunning, a New Orleans/ French themed beauty with vibrant colors, claw foot bath tubs, and built in nooks and crannies like you've never seen! The Breakfast was delicious, I'm talking creme brûlée french toast, mimosas, eggs, bacon, and grits (yes, grits). The hostess, oh the hostess was the sweetest thing since sliced bread (the sweet type), a kind woman who is like the long lost relative you've always  wanted to spend the summer with (just a tad misty eyed upon our hugs goodbye... no biggie).

Spotted above are bits and pieces of time well spent...aka Wings Of Wonder (a butterfly sanctuary (which is sadly closing down shop in two weeks....get it while it's hot people), photos from inside/ outside the house, the Independence Ferry  and  the End of The Road  thrift shop (located in Falls City, OR). Not pictured, rolling farm land, plenty of wineries (waved tasting fees for purchased wine bottles), Fall City falls, and plenty of other details worth an earful. Pack your bags, and head straight to the doors of MaMere's (you won't regret it). 

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