Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To The Tune Of Your Favorite Love Song

Seven years ago we started a conversation. It was good, really good, one of the best conversation I've ever had .  Depending on who you ask  you might get a slightly different version. No difference in truth, just little things, like duration of time. A snippet,  Me"....then Alex asked me to ride on the handle bars of his bicycle to the next party. I politely declined and offered my telephone number instead. We said our goodbyes... an hour later, (an hour later) Alex shows up at the party, he seemed to have not saved my number, and happen to bike across town to come and get it again." Alex snippet"...I asked Emily to ride on the handle bars of my bike, she declined, so I asked for her number instead. I left with my friends, and realized (5 minutes after I left) I had not saved her number. I went back into the party, to re-save her number." See the difference? Hardly! Ok so I'll spare you all the gushy details about a love story written in the stars. I will say that seven years ago started our days of writing letters, telling secrets, sharing aspirations, sharing burritos...just sharing in general, making mixed tapes for each other, sneaking into swimming pools, swimming across rivers,  flying across oceans, every love song reminds of you sort of thing. Anyways, seven years ago we started a conversation, and I've felt in love, and lucky ever since. Here's to a life time of continuing the conversation. 


  1. AWW. "here here" to another seven and then another seventeen.