Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Say it with me now "WA- MIC!" Now add a little twang (and again) "WAMIC..." now how about a little bit of when I say "WA" you say "MIC..." and so on until your really excited to read on. Excited? Whoop! 
Ok so we went to The Harris family lake house in Wamic, OR. Why should everyone go to Wamic? Whelp let's just say  we saw a bald eagle fly right past the window, which made the American flag look like it was going out of style (I would even dare call it majestic). Another reason, the kirkland jeans flow like water....more then the water. People say words like "crick"for creek, and when you go into the local store (which happens to be the hardware, grocery, outdoor, liquor, toy store...and so on) people look at you with a face that says "hey, you from a'roun here boy?" Just drive straight over the hill (by that I mean Mount' Hood), past the ol' watering hole (Trillium Lake), wave at uncle Henry (the large horse that's in some field, somewhere along the way), and wha la, you're there!     

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