Friday, December 9, 2011

Second Chance Thrift

The Second Chance Thrift Store resides in Vancouver, WA on St. John Street. I popped in today on my way home to have dash of excitement to end work on. Fifteen minutes later and $4.67 the excitement was rampant (ok ok so maybe not "rampant" but you can imagine). Not only does Second Chance have real thrift store prices  (I'm talking under a dollar for vintage beauties of all walks of life) it's run by a cohort of extremely friendly elderly volunteer women (in todays case, elderly women dressed in their Christmas finest, which looked like plaid sweaters, and gaudy santa and present broaches...just my type). I left with 2 records (Nu Shooz and the original soundtrack to Annie), 3 books (a joke book called "Ballpoint Bananas"circa 1973, a very lovely poetry book, and a hardcopy of "Bed Nobs and Broomsticks), and that Strawberry Shortcake pendant above. Second Chance, more like First Chance....

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