Friday, December 23, 2011

It's a Massive Virtual Holiday Card Post....

Please imagine you just opened your mailbox to the sight of a decorative holiday envelope (are you at the mailbox yet? ... Good). If you're anything like Alex you will use some form of letter opener, or have a precise even tare  along the top of the envelope. If you're anything like me, you will rip one corner off,  and try to pull the card out ASAP (the cards a little rumpled at this point, but just as good). So here we are, Alex and me sitting (or maybe standing)  smack dab in front of you on our  holiday card. We've attached a photo for cheap thrills (and lack of time) but the true beauty of a virtual card is the imagination factor that accompanies what's inside that card. Take this opportunity to "re-open your mailbox," gracefully (or un gracefully) open your card and imagine us, wishing you happy holidays in the best way. 

A few suggestions if your mind is bogged down with lack luster cards: Alex with a cotton ball beard, and a velvet Santa suit, and me wearing snowman costume. Perhaps both of us are wearing  bad sweaters, and juggling latkas? Or maybe one of us is dressed as a bear, and the other is dressed as some famous Mary, and the card reads "Have a Beary, Mary Christmas!" or maybe it's "Barry and Mayor-y Christmas" and one of us is Barry white (or Manilow) and the other is the Mayor of your town. You get the idea (or you're begging me to stop with my ideas...fair enough). Here's us wishing you and yours the best Holiday Season you can imagine!

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