Sunday, July 10, 2011


Saturdazzling is the latest word in my vocabulary . Where it has been my whole life, is beyond the point, the word content, the root, is the real deal. Saturday, Alex and I ventured out towards the Sandy river. I knew it was going to be a good afternoon when a man, shirtless, with exact same hair as a Barbie I once gave a cropped haircut to (it's fucked up, but I cut her hair so she could be the maid...I know, I know...). Oh and my version of cropped maid hair was predominantly chin length, with straggler strands mid chest, back, and forehead (aka hideous).
Ok so this guy stumbles up, and asks for a cigarette. His voice: breathy, mumbly, with a tinge of squeak "c-han-I, g-het-a cig-ar-ette" (and squeaked on the "ar-ette" part). He was a total character, a foreshadow to the people we would meet. River People.

We get down to the river to see a man wearing jean shorts, lathering the hell out of his shampooed head (yes in the river). So this guy, his name turns out to be Jeff, is the man who coined the term Saturdazzling. Apparently Saturdazzling is when him and his brother (who showed up later at the river ) go down to the Sandy river, swim, and wash their hair. After observing these two Saturdazzlers in action we learned a lot about their characters.

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  1. I'm ALWAYS surrounded by weirdies at the river. I went last weekend and EVERY single person was a weirdie. As I looked around at all these maniacs I began to question, "Am I a weirdie too?"