Thursday, July 28, 2011

Huckle Chuck

Guess who became a proud owner of a 1950's Huckleberry Hound bean bag toss game? That's right, me, me I tell you, me! Feast your eyes on the latest addition to our wedding arcade, Huckle Chuck. Now before you say anything crazy like "what the huckle were you thinking," do note, it was sold to me for $8.00, down from $10.00 (mind you). The best part (besides the name Huckle Chuck, and the head that sways side to side to challenge it's thrower) the man who sold it to me, sort of looked and certainly sounded like Huckleberry Hound himself. Now hold your horses, I'm not saying a large puppy cowboy sold me this game, however the man did sport a large tan hat with a red stripe, and a vest. His voice, had a whistle that wouldn't quit.

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