Sunday, May 8, 2011

You're A Grand Old Flag

It had been awhile, so last night I broke my flag making silence, and stitched up a few floral pendants to tuck away in my floral pendant pile (aka shoved into a box in my living room closet). Somewhere between finishing one set of flags, visions of the barn at Alex's parent's house that will double as a wedding stage, beer, and my Pennsylvania Dutch Design bins book, I embarked on a new flag project. The flag started as a plain old yellow sheet, and was ripped and stitched into a 4x2 beauty. The floral and fauna you see above, are slowly taking over the boarder of the flag. Alex and I made a deal, that once I finish the boarder, he will paint (in his best cursive, mind you) some sort of sweet (or even vulgar) words. We we're thinking "toilets" "Shut up and eat!" or I am fond of "I love you baby till the cows come home." Suggestions?

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