Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get With the Program

Dearest Minted,
Thank you for sending me the fixins' for the program contest. I was partial to the simplicity of the Lauren & Mike program (with the yellow and grey text). For the binding, I went with antique lace from the hem of an old dress (perhaps a bride could use material that correlates with her dress). A simple lace, needs a jazzed up look.. which is where the antique brooch comes in. First, I used the lace to make a loose flower then I fastened it with a brooch. We have seen people use brooches for hair flowers, and bouquets, but the brooch about a diamond in the rough. Imagine 150 of those babies, delicately binding a program, and glistening in the sun. Thanks for the opportunity to create something.

Emily Pauline Fanny Dart-McLean

1 comment:

  1. That program with lace + brooch would be a helluva good favor as well.