Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Surprise Success

I've never hosted a surprise party before. When I decided to plot a secret 25th birthday party for Alex, I knew I'd have to keep my loud mouth shut. In the past, I have told Alex just about everything (now that the surprise has past, I'm back on the truth train). But seriously folks, I would be like "your birthday present is blah blah blah.." kind of like that, except an actual present not "blah blah blah's." Three weeks ago, I sent out an invite that read "CHIP IN" (there was other details on it, but "chip in" hints that it was indeed a chips, salsa, nacho, booze, extravaganza). Here are some photo highlights (ah thank you Sarah). Note the photo of the surprised looking man, that is indeed Alex, and he is walking into a dark apartment filled with 30 people...(cue the power words, the "booms" and "booyas'' and "shizams"). It was a successful surprise party, not to mention that our cupboards are filled with Mexican candy, and our fridge is filled with beer and salsa (again cue the power words).


  1. I love how Alex walks in with a beer! The party was a success, you did an awesome job on the party. And keeping the secret.

  2. love the decorating. and man that dessert table is amazing. sad i missed it.