Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wasting Away in Margaritaville

Just looking at the photo of the pizza below makes me want to throw up all over my computer. That picture represents the pizza that was delivered to my house at 3:30 this morning. I know I know, who the hell am I? At 10:00 pm we went to a dance party,on the other side of Mt. Tabor (by "on the other side of Mt. Tabor" I mean, huge mother fucking hill between our house and our destination). There was no short cut around the hill either, no easy route in which you go an extra mile to skip the hill (like that song, "take the long way home" or whatever). 

The party was delightful, I mean it was truly full of delight! Some delightful highlights (but not at all limited too): The first delightful thing, dancers that were so good, they might have been ringers (like a song would come on, and they would casually get up and do what seemed to be a made up routine, with some jazz finger finale, and lip synching and all). The second delightful thing  about this party was the bucket of margaritas (there is something enjoyable about ladling your drink from a bucket). I'm going to stop listing the delights, and just start shouting them out there, cool? WE RAN INTO A FRIEND WHO HAS BEEN IN SPAIN FOR 2 YEARS.. YEAH STYLE MULLET  (Actually I'm going to say them out, this shout business is bad for business). The hosts were wearing  gold lamé, leopard, and fake eye lashes. We danced danced (revolution?) to NU Shooz-I can't wait (which seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life). 

Blah blah blah skip to the part of  the party were the music stops, because someone forgot to press play. Alex yells "DJ Buzz Kill" I know I know...So then this guy (DJ Buzz Kill/ the dance ringer) walks up to me and says, he says "Girl you need to put your bitch in check." I'm so not clever with comebacks, I mean really I have the lousiest come backs. I figured I spare everybody, I mean this guy might try to dance battle us or something.  So I was like (gulp), "um" (stutter) to the guy... and then I squeezed your hand, remember? I said "Alex, your not a bitch" (which is true, I love you "buzz kill" comments and all). So that was our cue to exit, the "put your bitch in check." line.  So as I mentioned before we were at the top of a hill, which leads me to the pizza. So at the top of the hill I said, "there is a pizza place that delivers till 4am." (this part is sort of obvious and boring so I'll leave out the all the details) Blah Blah Blah, it took 30 minutes to get down the hill (which I think was longer then it took to get over it). I think it had something to do with the bucket of margaritas, the dance ringers, and oh yeah I was riding my breaks the whole way. 


  1. Please tell me you really have those dolls! That person had to be in-sane to say that, I'm thinking. (Insane in the Brain)

  2. No, the dolls are from the world wide web (unfortunately). I bet in Mona's Barbie van she could come pretty close to a re- creating that.