Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buck off

Tonight, or I guess today, a dear friend hosted a birthday party at a local bar. The bar happened to be hosting a Buck Hunter Contest. For those of you that are not familiar with Buck Hunter let me explain. Buck Hunter is a bar game/ nintendo/ sega/ I don't know... hunting game, in which the player  (in this case the bar patron) shoots virtual forest animals (mainly Bucks) with a gun. The people participating were (but not limited to) a woman with an extremely tight  tank top that said "NOT MY JUGS" (I'm assuming she was referring to her cleavage popping out of her shirt), a man with a bowl cut (yes a real bowl cut), and a burly guy with a tattoo of  that image of a woman you see on the back of truck tire flaps.. you know the one with the flowing hair, the large boobs, the unrealistic profile (usually seen on large 1990 trucks)?  Anyways I managed to leave the bar with a bag full of beer Koozies. I guess the equation is as follows:
Camo + Booty shorts + Bowl cuts+ Jugs+ Buck+ Hunter= Bag full of Beer Koozies 

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