Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm no Trekee

Tonight I saw the new Star Trek movie. By new I mean, came out months ago, and I'm just seeing it at the $2.00 theaters. To all of you Star Trek fans out there plug your ears, close your eyes, and hold back your yelps! I was disappointed.  Let's just say not only was the movie predictable, with the love story, strange dinosaur- esque alien monsters, and references to old Star Trek episodes... The new Star Trek was shitty for the following reasons. Reason the first: The new captain Kirk, is a Zach Morris-esque, Save by the Bell-ish, popular, sassy,  cheese ball. Reason the second, Lord, will the smart, babe, leading lady character, please cut the bull shit, just say your first name (she does this hard to get crap the whole movie), and quit  the make outs  with Spok would you? (I mean come on, he can't feel emotions...or whatever). Reason the third, I fell asleep in the last twenty minutes of the movie, and unfortunately drooled on myself...Damn


  1. haha.

    well if you want to know, I'm sure Star Trek: The Movie didn't like your drooling either! There, you got it.

  2. Neither did Alex's T-shirt. I drooled on that too. It's a good thing movie theaters are dark, as opposed to light...or strobe light, or even black light. Can you imagine the embarrassment of black light amplified drool stain? YIPES.