Thursday, September 24, 2009

It was a tiny yellow house, just big enough to wear on your head

Last night I dreamt I made a tiny doll house that could fit in the palm of your hand. It was incredible (if I do say so myself). When you peered through the windows, they magnified the details inside. By the way, I love how dreams amalgamate and morph, and completely make sense in the moment. Peeping inside the magnifying glass windows,  revealed a 2d portrait of a perfect victorian house. It was like a tiny reality of an old house... that happened to be small enough to rest in your palm (which seemed completely plausible in dream world).  I think the dream rooted a few weeks ago.
At my old job I spent a few wasted afternoons perfecting this house idea...the house I made was big enough to wear over your head like a mask (by that I mean I stuck it over my head, just to see what would happen...Nothing). It wasn't intended to be a mask, I was just giving YOU, an idea of what size you should be picturing this minute in your lovely head. Anyways, it was cardboard, a yellow cardboard house, with a working door, and the tiniest mail slot. Peering through the laminate windows revealed a quaint  house with four rooms stacked one on top of the other. 
Anyways last night before I fell asleep I plotted riding my bicycle to my work to steal my yellow house. I would pretend that I was showing up to say Hello, and casually grab the house. "Hello" I'd say (mean while, I'm casually putting the house on my head, like it's my bicycle helmet). "hsher sserg jahjjkh" I'd muffle through my house helmet (by that I'd mean "see you later suckers"). Anyways I fell asleep thinking about that. Oh and by the way, I probably won't steal the yellow house back, I think it would be to hard to bike with it on my head. I'll just have to get to work on a palm size house, does anyone have a tiny magnifying glass?

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