Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Dream of Jean-ie

Yesterday I became the proud owner of a bright red pair of jeans. With a little help from a friend (a-thank you Shola) I transformed those large child sized jeans from Value Village in Vancouver, to a sassy new pair of Portland Trail Blazer spectator pants... Yes, "Spectator Pants!"A dream come true if you ask me (and I'm sure you are asking me aloud right about now). Blazers, I did this for you, now do one thing for me... beat the Lakers would you? Thanks.


  1. LOVE RED PANTS! My fiance has a pair of red Dickies he wore to a Goldfinger concert one time. He ended up seeing one of the bandmembers another time and he was asked "Aren't you that kid with the red pants?"
    So kudos and consider yourself warned about the power:responsibility ratio of wearing pants of red.

  2. Sounds like a fair trade - a win for some devotion through pants!