Monday, February 28, 2011

Mighty Market 2011

Ah the mighty market, so mighty yet so markety. Mighty in the sense that people were so focused on the band and keg that they failed to noticed when all the chips suddenly disappeared from the food table (what?)...or the man in the security guard costume out front (real cop?). Markety in the sense that I realize I'm slightly like the cap seller in the book "Caps For Sale." You know, the one where the peddler walks around shouting "CAPS FOR SALE CAPS FOR SALE, FIFTY CENTS A CAP..." and all the blimey monkeys steal his precious loot? Accept I'm not shouting "caps for sale" I'm shouting, "BEST MIX CD OF YOUR LIFE" and selling 1990's morphed plastic high heeled earrings (not to mention their faded color).


  1. You worked that crowd HARD, and you worked 'em good. I learned a thing or two from you and your chips! Let's hang out soon, eh?

  2. Yes please to the hang out soon. Maybe your favorite St. Johns spot, and that lovely thrift store you speak of?