Sunday, February 27, 2011

Got A Bad Case of Your New Favorite Mix?

1.Aguas De Marco - Cibo Matto
2.Snowbank Treatment- Dragging an Ox Through Water
3.Imagine- Dj Nu Mark
4.Hey Boy-Magic Kids
5.You're No Good- ESG
6.Do The Whirlwind-Architecture In Helsinki (Metrnomy remix)
7.Bobby King Of Boys Town- Cass MCcombs
8.Space Oddity- David Bowie
9.Strawberry Letter 23- Shuggie Ottis
10. More Then This-Robyn Hitchcock (Roxy Music cover)
11.Cool it Now-New Edition
12.Here Comes the Sun-Nina Simone (The Beatles cover)
13.At the Dark End of the Street- Prince Buster (Otis Redding cover)
14. Panis it Circenses- Os Mutantes
15. Love Me Tender- Elvis Presley
16. Let's Call it Off- Peter, Bjorn, & John (Girl Talk remix)
I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your new mix. Report back, would ya?


  1. That one is mine! On the top right with rose cross-stitch! Best moolah I've spent in months, let me tell you, and the tunes are fantastic. After I listen to it a bit more, I'll have to decide what to do with it next {luckily, I have the suggestion list}. Thank you, Emily!

  2. Thank you Hannah, so glad the list came in handy!

  3. You better cool it nooo-ooooow.....yep. I like it. Thanks for following up with that list after the tunes hit my eardrums.