Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tangled Up in Blue

Saw Tooth is at it again. If running an underground neighborhood fight club is wrong, then call him wrong. Not only did he have to get stitches on his paw, he has to wear that blue cone (not to be confused with a bonnet or tea hat). If Saw Tooth could speak, I think he would be screaming at the top of his lungs GET THIS FUCKING THING OFF MY HEAD that or DON'T CALL ME BLUE BONNET! But Saw Tooth, if you are reading this, how do you feel about Baby blue Bonnet? Get back to me, would you?


  1. poor little guy, he shouldn't be such a bully!

  2. question is, does he get satellite TV now?

    (I'm here all week, folks)

  3. No, just telecommunication with the future. No biggie!