Saturday, November 20, 2010

Table Town

Last spring when my brother Jonah got engaged, ambitiously my sister and I deemed ourselves table decorating extraordinaire. The idea started out, big, bold, one of kind, like nothing you've ever seen before (naturally). The plan: we were to make ten different dioramas of a different story, of a different memory, of a different element, of Jonah and Jessyka's lives. Imagine, 150 people matching their seating cards to say, "the saw tooth table" a table solely dedicated to their street fighting ragamuffin cat. Don't worry, the list of memories, and moments went on, nine more tables long (it wasn't going to be a cat show by any means). Unfortunately as time went on, and motivation dwindled, the wedding is a month a way and there is no diorama to show. Dear Jonah and Jessyka, I promise you this, you will have your precious decorations, and they wont be in the form of a rock on each table...Love,Emily. That said, will somebody get to work on a diorama of a cat with a black eye? Thanks.

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