Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Spice- a coworker's vows

I knew we were on the wrong side of the wedding ceremony when I glanced over and noticed, every table on the north side of the room had a giant pitcher of wine resting right in the middle. Glance down at ours and all I see are beverages suitable for a fifth birthday party. The highlight (which doubled as the low light) was when everyone on the north side of the room, the wine side, started chanting something that sounded a bit like "Gluk-klak-ha." GLUK-KLAK-HA was the echo from the crowd. That's when the bride and groom stood up and started to kiss in front of everyone (yes, french kiss)...that was the low part! Later we learned that GLUK-KLAK-HA was the the russian word for "spice" (say it with me now "GLU-KLAK-HA"), and the wedding goers, the North seated wedding goers, the wine wedding goers, they were just following a good old fashion Russian Wedding tradition....wedding spice.

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