Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can you even believe this girl?

Me! That's right, me! So yesterday I go to the Re gifting store in Vancouver. You know, the one where I buy all those goody goods for cheapy cheap! There they were, size 8, women's size 8, my size 8... paten leather tap shoes! They were only $2.00, and in tip top (tap top) condition to boot (literally). I carried them around the whole store, long enough to find a shiny purple baseball style bomber jacket... with a hot pink grand piano on the back. The jacket (which fit perfectly) cost merely one quarter (or as some of you might say "25 cents"). So now I'm carrying the shoes, and the jacket looking at all the self help books. Something about the book selection (it might have been the Basket Weaving one) urged me to walk back to the shoe section, and put the paten taps back on the shelf. You can imagine what comes next... that's right I talked myself right out of that piano jacket. My reasoning, "I have a pair of tap shoes" and this excuse "when would I ever wear that jacket?" Pretty stupid if you ask me... and by reading this you are asking me! Pretty stupid I say! I realized I made the wrong decision last night when I was laying in bed dreaming about bedazzled tap dancing in my new grand piano jacket. So today, I go back.... you'll never believe this, but long story short I did the same damn thing! Picked up the shoes and jacket and put them down. Seriously, can you even believe this girl?

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