Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post Card Shopping 101

The man had been collecting postcards longer than I was alive he said. A whole tent full of postcards classified by theme. Cats in a basket, Cats with people, Cats with dogs, cute cats, Horses, Sheep, Aardvarks (basically any animal you could think of) Scary Movies, comedies, Madonna, you name it! So the man, (he looked like a Jimmy or even a Frank) would not stop talking to me!
Tell me where you were born, I'll bet I have a post card from your town.
Salem I say.
Salem, Oregon.
Well of course I have plenty of Salems that is so easy. I thought maybe you were from a small town in Ohio. Because I would have a postcard for that town too. Or Mississippi. Or New York.
I quietly kept my search on for the perfect cat sitting on top of Madonna's shoulders, reading a pin up magazine (politely trying to ignore Frank's interjections, and disregarding what had happened to all of his teeth).

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