Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Case You Missed It

The yard sale came and went (by "yard sale" I mean cupcake, lemonade, parking lot strewn with goodies, and old furniture sale). Two days Shola and I patiently broiled in the sun in order to make ends meat (and by "patiently" I mean screamed at people who passed by, first "cupcakes, lemonade" and second profanities.) On Saturday morning I told a half awake Alex "I'm going make the means to pay for our wedding." After it's over and done with (celebratory cocktail money subtracted) it looks like we will be having a forty dollar wedding (Alex, you can thank me later).

The highlight, was when a man named Steve who also went by the nickname Moose showed up at our yard sale. Moose: tan, toothless, loud, laughing, came over muttering how "he wished he was drunk (mind you this was 8:30am)." Moose traded us a 7 person tent for a cup of lemonade. When Moose took a sip, he poured the cup right out. He was a polite man, completed each sentence with a "thank you mam' ." Moose explained how he sometimes slept in the bushes across the street from Shola's house. Moose, who was originally from Texas (the same town as George and Laura Bush) explained that usually he spends his time working on an oil rig in Texas, but decided to take the year off to be homeless in Portland, Oregon (which makes total sense). When I asked Moose how he will ever get back to Texas, he responded with "Well I'll just call aunt Dot. Her real name is Dorthy, but we call her Dot, and she has money to send me home." After the third stop by our sale (not to mention countless wisdom about which Plaid Pantry workers were "cool", and "real fucking assholes"), Moose decided it was time to take his tent back "he needed it to sleep in" (fair excuse I guess).

Thank you to everyone who stopped by. For those of you who couldn't make it, you'll have a second chance for lemonade and baked goods! We've decided to have a regular lemonade and cupcake stand. Keep your specs peeled.

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