Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five Dollar Special

It was a five dollar special, remember? We walked right up to the window and ordered one five dollar bucket of donuts, please. Just like that! That was the night the man (without a single tooth to boot) reached his hand out and whispered I'll take the chocolate. He had a voice like a gravel road... and he accidentally touched ever donut in the bucket.Oops! Sir, you're scaring us! The logical solution (if you recall) was to toss the bucket's contents from the tip top of the Odine building. When the coast was clear they fell to the ground, all twenty plus donuts (minus the chocolate of course). It was the best combination of donut and pavement I ever heard in my life.


  1. I am now in the mood for another bucket...

  2. Not even phased by the chocolate guy? I dig it! Maybe next time we eat the bucket full, no glory toss at the end!