Friday, June 11, 2010

I Couldn't Even Believe My Eyes...

Driving to work this morning I noted the sheen of a new Thai Food restaurant sign gleaming in my eyes. The sign was right on Hawthorne and 32nd-ish, right next to the WAIT a second (cue the double take)! This new restaurant happens to be where Dollar Scholar on Hawthorne once resided. Yes, the Dollar Scholar will no longer be serving rubber chemical egg yolks that can be thrown at windows. You can also say good bye to one dollar fake tatoos in "B" animals. By "B" animals, I don't mean animals that start with the letter "B," bear, bull, butterfly...etc. At the dollar rate "B" animal tatoos refers to the less known, not as desired animals for example: hienna, ardvark, tadpool...etc. You can also say goodbye to the extremely hospitable owner, you know the one with the faint mustache? The friendly man who greets every customer with"here, thrown an egg!"I just couldn't believe my eyes, tell me it's a mistake! I was so upset this morning that when I saw a pack of squirels near the front door of my office, all I could do was yell "SCRAM" as loud as possible! Seriously though, what's a girl to do? What's a girl to do?

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  1. don't worry. i heard to just moved locations. the world is not coming to an end. yet.