Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alaska Where the Beards flow like water...

To spare you all a banter from la la love land, I will sum up our trip to Alaska in one long run on sentence (by "spare you the banter" I mean give you the banter in a small dose). Ready (hold your breath)? Vacation dear sweet vacation, Cordova Alaska none the less, would you believe that Alex and I are engaged, yes engaged, bears beards beers, three hundred foot glaciers, a five mile hike into bear country, rubber boots galore, fifty year old salmon, fisherman with more hair then teeth, and to top it all off a lovely visit with family. Are you passed out on the floor from that doozy? Sorry. But seriously, ask me about our tales (not to be confused with things that swing from our behinds type of tails) I would la la la la love to tell you all about them.

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