Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mt. Hood Model Engineers Society

So tonight.. wait actually let me back track, my friend Denise and I occasionally go on wine walks. A wine walk consists of the two us carrying two coffee mugs of wine, walking briskly (partially due to the wine, partially to cold). We walk down streets in Portland we have not been down before, and admire the architecture. Noting things like "I love those orange stairs" or "four houses exactly the same, Boring!" Or the usual " that house is definitely haunted."

So tonight, on our wine walk, we were trudging up the street (trudging because it was hill, and my long shirt was made out of fabric that didn't move...canvas, yikes!), Where was I, oh yeah, trudging up the street and I realize mid trudge that we are close to the Mt. Hood Model Engineers Society... Now I know the Mt. Hood Model Engineers Society because I run past the building once a week. I figured now that I would be walking past, now was my chance to see a room full of people dressed like conductors playing with model trains (I think that would complete my life).

At this point I'm telling Denise about the train society, and we are set on walking up there, when we hear the sound of sweet sweet music coming from the corner. Skip the part where we discover this random community center/ coffee shop/ gym... and cut back in when we accidentally walk right into a concert (at the wrong door). There we were, stage left, in the middle of the set. We walk in, and it was like dominoes, first the two women at the door turn to look at us, then the couple in the center, then (oops) the piano player., and the list goes on and on. At this point we are back stepping as fast as we can out of the building, and briskly trudging toward the Mt Hood Model Engineer Society. When we got there, the shop was closed. Drats.

please note this post is post wine walk...

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