Sunday, October 25, 2009

California dreaming

Over the past five days I have been on a serious family tour! On Wednesday morning at the rooster's loud obnoxious symphonic cell phone alarm crack of dawn, we started our descent to the tip of California. Our final destination the Mary Dang/ Ken McLean Wedding, San Diego edition.
Smashed into two cars were my siblings and our respected others. Not to mention my brother and his girlfriend's belongings which they were moving with to California for the winter : A loom strapped to the top of the car, beer brewing stuff, boxes of clothes, boxes of yarn, stinky work boots.. you know the usual. The first day we drove to San Mateo to stay at our uncle's for the night, go go air mattress, and lacking winks (by that I mean sleep)! The next day we compiled into one car, all 5 of us. It was nice and cozy like a laughy, cranky, farty, too much timey in a small spacey, bear cave! Blah blah blah it was 18 hours total by the time we got to San Diego, I'll skip the part about the hour we spent in LA traffic making up the strangest children's names we could think up. "Foot blasheem Dart-McLean" or "Putrid Harris" ... the list goes on an on.
Our uncle married a Vietnamese Catholic woman. This meant the next three days were jam packed (but not limited to) family events intertwined with ceremonies, incredible keyboard bands, speeches, cognac (you know, the stuff that rappers sometimes rap about... or whatever), drunkin' uncles saying things like "you see that guy, now that is the definition of stud," drunkin' uncles saying things like "I'm going to confess everything to my parents tonight, how I hitch hiked, and smoked weed before school, how I jumped my parents car off a hill," dancing (including but certainly not limited to the ever so famous... jazersize moves performed by none other than my Mother), incredible professional dancers (that looked like the main characters of a really good 1990's ballroom dance movie). The weekend was like a family soup, a family fruit cake, a family grab bag. The weekend was intense, beautiful, long, and hilarious. The weekend was hung over.
To pass the small down time that there was, I watched Alex do hand stands in the pool. Looking good in your neon orange LA Gear Shorts (he said "it was fitting, with the Southern California theme"). There was a forty five minute beach stint. It consisted of body surfing among the surfers. My sister's boyfriend said he saw a sting ray in the water, I don't know if I believe him... he was currently glasses-less at the moment (a clump of seaweed has been known to look like a living thing).

This morning, once again we were up at the crack of cell phone alarm dawn. On the plane ride home I read my book crossing my mind fingers that I wouldn't throw up shark fin soup and wine all over the plane. I didn't. What a good weekend.

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