Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Burly Crew

Every other year Englewood  Elementary School put on a fourth grade musical production of the Lewis and Clark story, The Burly Crew. Fortunately for my parents, their children are two Sacagawea years apart (by that I mean they had the pleasure of viewing this magic not once, but four times). Each sibling played a different part, each  part of the chorus. Some trees or forest animal extras. Some settlers, and all wearing hilarious coon skin caps, straw caps,  and fringe clothing of some shape or another. 

The director told every forth grade actor to go home and pick out clothes " you can really imagine Lewis and Clark, or the people they met on their expedition wearing. Become 1804." That is exactly why in 1994, this settler square dancer wore; a teal turtle neck, purple homemade ribbon suspenders, sweat pants, a straw hat, and yes a fake fur. It was like 1804 all over again, sigh... really takes me back.

The line I had, the one line, the one very important line (in song), "What will we do without any girls, none of those creatures with ruffles and curls, heres what will do to have a start will have a man play the woman's part." Here's why it's good. Here's why it's important. I was the original square dancing, turtle neck wearing, settler, who sparked a revolution... and then there was drag. Ah thank you. 

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  1. I think just about every elementary school in Salem did that. I too had a hand in raising up the level of deqourom of the chorus in other words I BROUGHT IT ON, spraying people with truthbombs. Wow good times