Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ring A Ding Ding

It seems to be a bad busy habit of mine these days to get  consumed with work and holidays . All though the last two months seem like a gobbledygook blob of work, visitors, friends, and holiday get together (all fantastically wonderful and exciting things), I'm here to to say that it's a new year (old news, I know), and I'm ready to get my blah blah blog back on. In case you've been waiting with baited breath  over the past seven days.... Here are my resolutions for 2014 (it's going to be a good year):
1.Read more books. With that, I shall try to carry my book in my bag, and whenever I'm waiting resist (RESIST) that sweet, sweet technology mumbo jumbo and read instead. 
2. Write more (including but not limited to, letters, this blog, and love notes to my sweet man).   
3. Worry less. 
4. Take good care of my body. I intend to run more, run faster, yoga like the dickens, and try to add some  more greens in my diet (cliche I know, but I do think this will forever make the chopping block of life long resolutions).
Without further ado,  a few (and when I say few I mean few) snaps of some of the shenanigans over the past two months.

Mind you,  a lot more has happened (though 
I seemed to have left my camera out of much of it). 

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