Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quick Study

Looking for that perfect piece of fashion heaven, a delicate one of a kind gem, that is well made, stylish, and comfortable? Well friends, look no further because your search ends this instant (and when I say "instant," I mean when you get to the end of the page...).  My dear friend Caitlin McCall is the brains, beauty, and sewing wizard behind Quick Study (your new favorite clothing). As you can tell from the dresses above, Quick Study clothes are sure easy on the eyes. My favorite part... not only are the clothes good looking, they are well crafted,  and what's this you say...functional?! All of Caitlin's clothes are bike friendly designs in textiles that are made to withstand work, play, and this kooky weather we call are own. Rumor has it some of the dresses have secret pockets sewn in to hold things like wallets and whisky alike (sold). On top of all that goody goodness, these days Caitlin is doing a project (Dress to Ride) where she features interviews with local women wearing Quick Study clothing talking about there experiences as  bicycle riders in Portland (and looking fly while they do it).  Check out her online shop and never look back! 

All of the Quick Study photos (and Dress to Ride snaps) are shot by the magnificent and talented Shola Lawson (a dear friend, and Delicate Doily herself). 

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